FYRIR Delivery box Large capacity 75L can be used when you are absent or left behind.

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I can't receive parcels when I go out for shopping

Solve your worries!

FYIRIR faster than anywhere else

Delivery box released in advance!

The color is navy.

Simple yet cool design.

It is also simple water repellent and can be used on rainy days.

It prevents the contents from getting wet.

Complete with necessary accessories.

You can use it from the day it arrives.

Of course, it is also possible to receive non-face-to-face at home.

75L large capacity size of 55x44x36 (centimeter).

For large cardboard of each courier

It corresponds.


Delivery box (main body), wire (2m),

Guidance to courier companies 2 POPs in total (waterproof),

Dial lock (2 pieces), Japanese manual